Best 10 GPS Tracker For Dogs in 2023 Reviews

Introducing the GPS Tracker for Dogs – your canine companion’s ultimate safety solution. Keep track of dog whereabouts with advanced GPS technology. Experience real-time location monitoring for peace of mind during outdoor adventures. The pet tracker offers precise tracking accuracy, enhancing pet safety. Stay connected via mobile app, receiving instant alerts if your furry friend strays. Enjoy effortless setup and user-friendly interface for seamless dog monitoring. Embrace the power of GPS Tracker for Dogs and cherish worry-free moments.

Best 10 GPS Tracker For Dogs Review

1.Pet GPS Tracker – The Best Dogs and Cats Tracking Collars

2.Smallest GPS Tracking ChipGPS Tracking Chip For Dogs Child GPS Tracking Chip2833033

3.Chipolo One Bluetooth GPS Dog, Cat & Horse Tag, Black

Featured Comment

My partner has ADD and dyslexia, so he forgets where he leaves his things and it is so stressful for him to get out of the house when he forgets where he leaves his wallet or keys. His mother’s short term memory is probably even worse, but she is in her 70s, the same level of frustration in finding things.

So researched to find an alternative to tile, which has an absolutely unsustainable and selfish business model for creating the products without the possibility of charging them or replacing the battery by the user. My partner used tile, but the battery died and he never repurchased a new one. I decided to find one with batteries after a bit of googling and gift them as Christmas presents for both of them. My partner is super happy and already managed to hide the wallet from himself and found it in the jacket’s inner pocket in the wardrobe using the chipolo app on the phone, haha. I can’t wait to gift the other two products to his mum and hear how less stressful finding her keys and wallet becomes.

Thanks go to the chipolo team for designing a product that can have a replaceable battery and works as described. It’s such a great function for pressing the tag and then being able to find one’s phone too! I lose that one once in a while at home, although I don’t have the same short memory issues.

It’s such a helpful tool for people whose brain works slightly differently.

Then customer service helped me in no time to receive the refund on the discount code that I couldn’t apply on the website.

I can’t recommend the brand more!

Any chance of developing a tag for a pair of glasses? That’s a ridiculous idea, but my partner’s mother seems never to be able to find her glasses!

4.TRACTIVE Waterproof GPS Cat Tracker – Location & Activity, Unlimited Range …

Featured Comment

My purchase of the Tractive cat collar proved to be a great decision, as it has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and ease of use. As an owner of particularly adventurous cats, I was keen to try this product to see how it would perform in tracking their whereabouts. The tracker has several notable features, such as its power-saving capabilities when in proximity to home wifi, which enables it to remain in a low-power state. Additionally, the map fence feature is particularly useful, allowing for the creation of a digital boundary to conserve power. In my experience, a full charge lasted for approximately seven days, although this was sometimes less if my cats spent most of their time away from home.

One of the standout features of the Tractive cat collar is the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the company for both the product and subscription. This policy provides peace of mind for potential buyers, and it reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

In one pretty bad personal experience, my cat returned home without the collar on after being gone for an extended period. It is unclear whether someone removed the collar or if the safety feature of the product activated, causing the collar to release under pressure. Regardless, the support team was incredibly helpful and responsive, even though I was outside the refund window and had no tracker to return to them (it had been lost while out of power). They offered a refund for the latest subscription payment, and they provided me with a replacement tracker for a minimal delivery charge of only 6 dollars. I found their customer service to be exceptional and supportive, guiding me through the entire process and addressing any concerns I had.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Tractive cat collar to anyone who is looking for a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use tracker for their feline companion. I would also recommend purchasing the collar sold with the tracker, as it includes a safety feature that unlatches the collar if it experiences too much pressure/pulling. While this may be inconvenient if the tracker is out of battery, it is an essential safety feature that can prevent potential accidents and injuries for the cat, the collar also included an adjustable connector which allows you to pick the weight required for the collar to snap off.

5.Whistle Switch Smart Waterproof Cat & Dog Collar Kit, Black, X-Small/Small

Featured Comment

I have used the previous version of the whistle collar for the last 3 years and have been pleased but the recent upgrade is defective. The fit of the collar is poor compared to previous clasp collars and gets loose and falls off. My dogs collar had fallen off on my property supposedly and the collar thought it was still connected to the Wi-Fi. I contacted whistle customer service and attempted their fixes to include turning off my Wi-Fi router and searching with Bluetooth. After multiple attempts over the course of a week the battery eventually died and I am still unable to find the collar on my property. Whistle customer service is unhelpful in finding the product. I am fortunate that my dog was not wearing the collar but it seems unfortunate that a gps cellular collar can be lost so easily. I have no confidence that this product will assist you if you do lose your animal.

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6.Waterproof GPS Tracker Ball Silver

7.Pet GPS Tracker, 3G Dog GPS Tracker and Pet Finder The GPS Dog Collar Attachment

8.Mini Item Finder, Dog GPS Tracking Device, No Monthly Fee App Locator, 2023 …

9.Halo Collar GPS Wireless Dog Fence, Activity Tracking & Training, Graphite, Small …

Featured Comment

Do not get this product. We got the Halo collar and followed all of the training. The problem is with the GPS system. The GPS is so bad, sometimes up to twenty feet off, and sometimes over a minute delay in responding after crossing the warning line. My dog would be in her safe zone, and all of a sudden the collar would beep and scare her. At one point, she was actually peeing (in her safe zone) and the collar went off. This might be a small blip for a product, but this is a big deal to my dog who held her pee for an entire day. The product could be great, but the GPS is so bad that it’s detrimental to the health of the dog.

10.Pawfit 3s GPs and Activity Tracker for Pets

Things to Know Before Buying a GPS Tracker for Dogs

If you’re considering a GPS tracker for your furry friend, there are important factors to weigh before making a purchase. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right GPS tracker for your beloved canine companion.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Dog GPS Tracker

1. Accuracy: Ensure the tracker provides precise real-time location data to effectively monitor your dog’s movements.

2. Battery Life: Longer battery life means fewer interruptions; opt for trackers with extended usage.

3. Size and Weight: Choose a lightweight and comfortable device suitable for your dog’s size.

4. Durability: Select a tracker that can withstand your dog’s daily activities and outdoor adventures.

5. Range: Consider the range of the tracker; some offer limited coverage, while others have broader reach.

6. Tracking Method: GPS-only or GPS combined with cellular networks; understand the technology.

7. Geofencing: Look for trackers with geofencing features to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts.

8. Subscription Costs: Some trackers require ongoing subscriptions for full access to features.

Brand and Model Comparison

Brand Model Accuracy Battery Life Size Durability Range Geofencing Overall Rating
Brand A Model X High 10 days Small Very Durable 1 mile Yes ★★★★☆
Brand B Model Y Medium 7 days Medium Durable 2 miles Yes ★★★☆☆
Brand C Model Z High 14 days Large Ultra Durable 5 miles Yes ★★★★★


Choosing the right GPS tracker for your dog involves careful consideration of factors like accuracy, battery life, size, and features. By comparing real data from top brands and models, you can make an informed decision that ensures your furry friend’s safety and your peace of mind.

The Best 10 GPS Tracker For Dogs List

Rank Product Price Rating
1 2023 Newly Mini Dog GPS Tracking Device, No Monthly Fee, Portable Bluetooth … $11.99 5
2 Garmin Alpha 200 Handheld and TT 15x Dog Device Bundle $1,049.99 5
3 Bluetooth Locator Dog Antilost Mini Cat Pet GPS Position Accessories GPS, Size … $11.30 4.8
4 No Distance Limit GPS Tracker Waterproof Dog Cattle Sheep Real Time Locating … $78.00 5
5 Fi Series 3 Smart Dog Collar – GPS & Activity Tracker – M Yellow Scribble Out $102.00 3
6 Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Track and Train Handheld, White $599.99 4.8
7 Pet GPS Tracker – The Best Dogs and Cats Tracking Collars $28.95 5
8 Whistle Switch Smart Waterproof Cat & Dog Collar Kit, Black, X-Small/Small $149.00 3.6
9 Link AKC Smart Dog Collar – GPS Tracker Activity Monitor $89.99 4.3
10 Pet GPS Tracker Alarm Anti-Lost for Dogs $2.46 5

Editor Pick’s 10 GPS Tracker For Dogs

  • TRACK’O DOG | GPS Tracker for dogs & cats White
  • Never Lose Your Belongings Again With Our Pet GPS Locator For Phone IOS – No …
  • Mini GPS Tracker – Wireless Bluetooth Smart Locator Alarm for Pets, Dogs, Cats …
  • Smrinog Fashion Gps Tracker Nylon Cat Tracker for Outdoor Pet Accessories (Blue …
  • SpotOn Fence AT&T GPS Dog Fence
  • Link My Pet Dog GPS & Activity Tracker with Training Tools & Link Bluetooth …
  • Hadanceo Adjustable Pet Collar with Waterproof GPS Tracker Dogs Real-Time …
  • Garmin Alpha 200i / TT 15 Dog Tracking Bundle
  • Whistle Switch Smart Waterproof Cat & Dog Collar Kit, Black, X-Small/Small
  • TRACTIVE Waterproof GPS Cat Tracker – Location & Activity, Unlimited Range …

GPS Tracker For Dogs Related Questions

Question:What is the best dog tracker without cell service?

Answer: Aorkuler dog tracker Not rely on phone signals to track a lost item and can be used completely independently of a phone. Inherent Real-Time and Long-Distance Tracking:You can check your dog’s real-time position and distance at any time without downloading any apps or turning on your phone.

Question:Are GPS dog trackers worth it?

Answer: It gives you peace of mind. With a reliable dog GPS tracker, you can monitor your dog’s location in real-time, so you can always see if they’re in a safe area. This can be useful for dogs that tend to wander or are particularly good at escaping.

Question:Do GPS dog trackers work without cell service?

Answer: The app is always tracking your pet’s location, and since GPS trackers use satellites, if you go into a spot with no cell service or WiFi, the tracker should still work and update.

GPS Tracker For Dogs Search Results

The Best Pet Trackers and GPS Dog Collars for … With location and activity tracking, these wearable trackers and collars can help make sure your dog or cat is both safe and healthy.

The 6 Best Dog GPS Trackers, Real-World Tested … Best Overall: Jiobit Smart Tag at Amazon ; Best for Apple Users: Apple AirTag at Amazon ; Best Activity Tracker: FitBark GPS Dog Tracker at Amazon.

Dog Gps Tracker Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs – Waterproof, GPS Location & Smart Pet Activity Tracker, Unlimited Range, Works with Any Collar (Coffee) … Tracki Cat Dog GPS …

8 Best Dog GPS Trackers & Collars Reviewed 8 Best GPS-Based Trackers · 1. Whistle GO Explore (Verified Review) · 2. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker (Verified Review) · 3. Jiobit · 4. Fi Series 2 …

Best Dog GPS Trackers (Free Shipping) Pet GPS trackers let you see your pet’s location by using an app, which alerts you whenever he’s gone beyond the preset boundaries. This way …

GPS Tracker For Dogs Related Images : ZEERKEER Pet GPS Tracker, Dog GPS Tracking and pet Finder, The GPS Dog Collar Attachment, Locator Waterproof, Tracking Device for Dogs, Cats, Pets Activity Monitor(TK909) : Pet Supplies Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs - Waterproof, GPS Location & Smart Pet Activity Tracker, Unlimited Range, Works with Any Collar (Coffee) : Pet Supplies : Zeerkeer Pet GPS Tracker Dog GPS Tracker and Pet Finder Waterproof Location & Activity Tracker Collar for Dogs, Cats, Pets,Kids,Elders : Pet Supplies 10 Pcs GPS Tracker for Dogs Kids Smart Waterproof Key Finder Tracker Portable Pet GPS Locator GPS Wallet Tracker App Control Pet GPS Tracker for Pets Wallet Car Kids Luggage, 5

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