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Best 10 Universal Remote Review

1.Newest Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV Remote Compatible All Samsung …

2.Universal Smart Remote Control Controller IR Remote Control With Learning …

3.Zenith Zr800mb 8-Device Universal Remote-Microban

4.Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for Apple TV, Xbox …

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In my experience, the “gold standard” in universal learning / control remotes has been the Harmony line. I bought one of those years ago, and while its reputation is apparently well-deserved, mine has mostly just sat on a shelf, as it seemed to involve more steps and more of a learning curve than I was prepared to bother with at the time. (Assuming that it remains functional, I should probably revisit it, and see if it remains at all up to date.) This Interset universal learning remote is quite solidly built and pretty reliable — unlike some others I have tried. It costs a fraction of what the Harmony did. Like the Harmony, it relies on an extensive company database of device control codes. Unlike with my Harmony, which got the desired programming while connected to a computer and over an internet connection, you input these device control codes yourself manually, as found in their database. You can look up in advance whether the device you are interested in is represented. Not all are. I’ve been using my Interset to run an Nvidia Shield, ever since I found the native Nvidia remotes (more than one) to be unsatisfactory. Have not tried the Interset with other devices yet, but I will. It was also suggested to me that the Interset might be able to learn control functions (from the original device remote) for some devices not present in the database — but I haven’t explored that possibility yet. Programming the Interset remote for the Shield was pretty straightforward, as is using it. However, the Interset can only be set up to run just a few devices, so if you have a wide array of them you would have to choose and to prioritize. The Harmony learning remotes can probably cover a lot more devices in the one unit, and a lot more control functions for more complex devices. It also had a useful and descriptive LED display that you won’t get on a much less expensive solution like the Interset. 

5.Original Vizio Universal Remote XRV4TV for Almost All Brand LCD LED TV 60 Days

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Excellent!!! I lost my original remote to my Vizio I bought a few years back, may have mistakenly thrown it out. First I verified the compatible numbers for the remote to the numbers on the back of the t.v., once I seen the match I ordered it. Shipping was fast , this remote has the typing keyboard on back, my original that came with the smart t.v. did not so that was a bonus for me. You will need to install 2 AAA batteries, aim at t.v. turn on , your in business, no programing or input needed. Length and width of this remote can fit fully in a adult extended hand. Light weight, dark in color so easily to miss place so keep in one particular area so not to mistakenly throw out as I did my original. However, I appreciate this one is much better. 

6.Car Key Express Car Remote, Universal

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It did work initially. After a month quit working. Opened to replace battery. Turns out the reason it quit working is the clip to hold the battery in came loose. The solder joints failed and the battery and clip were loose. Poorly assembled. Setup initially worked for 2005 Toyota Corolla, which I had a difficult time finding an aftermarket remote. Disappointed that I will have to keep looking. 

7.Universal IR Infrared Remote Control TV STB DVD Android iPhone Mobiles

8.Blackweb 6-Device Universal Remote Control

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BlackWeb makes a good remote for 6 devices. I bought five of these, so we could have the SAME remote in multiple rooms, and not have to keep looking to see “Where are the buttons on THIS one?” The remote works with TV’s, Stereo, CD-Player, and even Roku (model3). Instructions for the remote include 4-digit codes for dozens of brands of electronic devices. You may need to try 20 different codes before you get exactly the right one for your stereo… (like I did for my stereo) but it worked “out of the box” for our Samsung TV and Roku movie player -without even needing to setup ANY codes at all !! A few Notes: (1) there are TWO versions of this remote: One with all Black Buttons, and the 2nd version of the remote with White buttons for Main controls [_Like channel + volume_] but black buttons for nearly all other features. I like the Black-Button Version *better*… BOTH versions of the remote Do seem to have the same electronic controls inside; BUT when using the remotes in the dark, the words/letters on BLACK buttons all LIGHT-UP for about 4 seconds, as soon as you press one button.. so you can SEE where everything is, before you push more buttons… On the version with white buttons, ONLY the white buttons are back-lit with Blue LED light, and on the remote with white buttons, the [black] buttons [80% of remote] have NO light, so you can’t read them in the dark. (disappointing) I actually *expected* to prefer the back-light on the white button version of the BlackWeb remote; but only found out later that the dark buttons for that version have no back-light at all. (glad I tried Both versions) Walmart USED to stock these BlackWeb remotes; but stopped stocking them on their shelves (or online) in July-2020, so now goto e.Bay. Sometimes everybody in the family is even sitting in the same room; but has their own remote, so we can adjust volume or change channel. ( Dad2Kid: Keep fussing, and we’ll take your remote & brother picks channels) Another difference between two versions: The Black-Button version of this remote uses “AA” batteries, and the White Button version uses “AAA” smaller batteries. (smaller ones need changed more often) Foot-Notes: (1) This BlackWeb remote uses “IR” signal [infra-red] to control all devices. [Not-RF/radio] The original remote-control for Roku (model 3+above) uses radio signal, which means that you can control Roku without pointing the remote AT the Roku, or even from another room. The Roku BOX will understand Radio-signals, *or* IR-signals. The BlackWeb remote uses IR style signal… which means that Roku WILL work with this remote control BUT you need to be in the same room & point the remote *at* Roku so that the Roku can see the signal. (trying not to confuse/mislead people) (2) One downside of BlackWeb remote: It is NOT a “Learning Remote”, so if the remote does not have the control-codes “built in” for an off-brand or rare device; then you cannot use the original remote control to “teach” this Blackweb” remote every button signal on New/different remotes. For the price… this seems to be an EXCELLENT remote control, and easy to use !! 

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9.BLUMOO – Smart Universal Remote Control – Black

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I have a neighbor who is 87 years old and nearly blind. She recently installed cable with a DVR and a new TV. The problem was how is she supposed to all the little buttons on the various remotes? THE ANSWER IS BLUMOO! I was able to setup a series of macros on an iPad and that makes it possible to run particular signal sources and channels when using straight cable. I also locked down the app on the iPad so she can’t inadvertently hit a wrong place on the scree. She just turns on the iPad and she is ready to go. 

10.Universal Remote Control KP-4000 KP4000

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I have a couple of these in my home that I programmed, I had the software that I got from an authorized dealer when I bought my MX-980. It is easy to program if you are tech minded, may be difficult for some and impossible without the programming software. I use them with an MRX-1 base station and a couple of MX-980 remotes also. Must have the programming software or you will need a dealer to program it, I also have them wired to a POE network switch so I only have one CAT 5E cable to each KP-4000. 

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The Best 10 Universal Remote List

Rank Product Price Rating
1 Bose – Soundbar Universal Remote – Black $49.00 2.7
2 One for All – Smart Control 8 Universal Remote $49.99 3.7
3 Logitech – Harmony 950 Universal Remote – Black $544.95 4.5
4 Genesis Mx-900 Universal Remote Control IR/RF $704.00 4.5
5 Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote With Oled Display $74.99 1
6 Brand New Sealed 5 Programmable Universal Remote Control Ur5L-9000L-Ip $12.99 5
7 Hemoton Universal PC Remote Controller for Mxq-4k Mxq-pro Television STB TV Box … $6.22 5
8 Onn R113663 6-Device Universal Remote $18.99 4.2
9 Universal Remote Control Mx-980 IR/RF Remote with Color Screen $80.00 4.9
10 Vivitar 4 Device Universal Remote $6.99 5

Editor Pick’s 10 Universal Remote

  • Universal 1-Device Remote Control – TV Scan Only
  • Universal Remote Control Mx-980 IR/RF Remote with Color Screen
  • Universal Remote Control – 48-Device Universal Remote – Black X-7
  • Onn. 4-Device Universal Remote, Black
  • Genesis Mx-900 Universal Remote Control IR/RF
  • Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote With Oled Display
  • Universal Home Theater Master Remote Control MX-500
  • Universal Smart Remote Control Controller IR Remote Control With Learning …
  • Mx-780 Universal Remote Control
  • Universal Remote for Toshiba A/Cs

Universal Remote Related Questions

Question:Can I use a universal remote for any TV?

Answer: Can I use a universal remote for any TV? You can use a universal remote for almost any TV. The Logitech Harmony remotes, for example, are compatible with 270,000 devices from 6,000 brands.

Question:Can a Xfinity remote be universal?

Answer: When you’ve got the Comcast Xfinity service, you’ll be given their universal remote. This remote can be used with most of your entertainment devices like your TV Box, Television, or Receiver.

Question:Can I use my phone as a universal remote for a TV?

Answer: Set up your virtual remote On your Android phone, open the Google TV app . Near the bottom right, tap Remote . At the top, tap Scanning for devices. Choose your device.

Question:How do I pair my one for all remote?

Answer: Hold down the Setup key until the light blinks once and then twice. Press the relevant device key. Enter the code, the light blinks twice. You can now operate your device.

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