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Best 10 Wireless Keyboards Review

1.Apple – Magic Keyboard

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Compra verificada Too expensive? You betcha. Quality product? Oh yeah. There is a lot to like about the Magic Keyboard for 5th Gen. iPad Pros. It’s a solid, well-built product that is probably too expensive by half, but I’m pretty sure anyone who purchases one knows that going in. Keyboard: The keyboard is pretty-great all around. I use my M1 MacBook Pro on a daily basis, and while typing on this doesn’t feel quite identical, it isn’t far off. The key travel is really great and the space/size is perfect. I wish it had a row of function keys, alas. Trackpad: The trackpad is nice enough. It is very responsive both in terms of moving the cursor and clicking on apps and tasks. I do wish that more apps utilized gestures and features of the Magic Keyboard, but I can’t really fault the product for that. It’s not MacOS, after all. Quality: I really like the quality of this keyboard. It is slightly thicker than the previous gen keyboard to accommodate the slightly thicker 5th gen iPad Pro. It feels sturdy when the iPad is attached and I THINK it leans a little further back than the previous gen, which is nice. Overall, I like this product a lot. At the end of the day, if you’re thinking that attaching this overpriced keyboard to the M1 iPad Pro is going to replace your laptop, that’s probably not the case unless you’re just surfing the web or using Amazon to shop. iPadOS is still the limiting factor in allowing an iPad to be an out-and-out alternative to a conventional laptop. That said, the Magic 

2.Razer – BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed Phantom Edition 65% Wireless Mechanical …

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It’s a nice keyboard. The key feel is pretty good. The frame and plastic is sturdy. The LED lighting is dimmer than a wired keyboard (because it runs on a battery and tries to save energy).

Unfortunately, the layout wasn’t very comfortable and the way that it handles F-keys (e.g. fn + top row keys) wasn’t intuitive. That’s obviously a “me” problem, more than an issue with the keyboard.

I deducted a star because there’s no wrist rest included, which seems sort of lame for the price. 

3.Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard (Black)

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Logi MX keys Mini is minimalist 70% form factor wireless illuminated keyboard intended to take anywhere on the go or for minimizing desk space and targeted for everyday productivity. It takes less space on your desk and looks awesome when paired with MX master3 and MX speakers(see pic).

Unboxing and What’s included: In the box, MX Mini keyboard, USB C to A cable for charging in box with safety, compliance, and warranty info papers.

Keyboard’s minimalistic design is excellent with 75% ergonomic form factor and measures 11.65 x 5.19x 0.82 inches and weighs around 506 grams.

Setup is simple. It does not come with the new compatible Logi Bolt receiver that was released recently and this keyboard will not pair or work with unifying receiver. So, if you are planning to purchase this to use with your unifying receiver you are out of luck and may need to purchase the new Bolt USB receiver. Connection via Bluetooth is simple and uses Bluetooth low energy and is compatible with windows 10 or Mac or iOS or iPad OS or Android OS. Just go the settings and search for available nearby devices after turning the switch on and select the MX keys mini to get connected. You can connect max of 3 devices and switch between them with the tap of the easy switch keys located on the top row. Very seamless and fluid switching between devices once configured and connected.

To connect different devices after connecting one device, press and hold the another easy-switch buttons on top for few seconds until it blinks to complete the setup process for other device. Once configured, just with the tap of the easy switch keys you can navigate to different devices. For my setup, I have my work laptop and personal gaming laptop connected to the Samsung 49-inch G9 monitor on a sit stand desk and this new mini keyboard paired with MX Master 3 works great for productivity.

You can customize this keyboard with various functions by downloading the Logitech options software and setup functions keys and setup voice to text dictation. By default, the first row of 3 keys is assigned with easy switch keys to switch to various devices (1 to 3), decreasing /increasing brightness for backlighting for keyboard, dictation and emoji keys, screen capture keys, mic off keys and multimedia keys (play/pause, volume mute, volume decrease, volume increase). All these keys can be easy switched between Fn keys by pressing Fn+Esc and all this without holding the Fn button.

Keystroke is perfect with the keys shaped for fingertips and is very comfortable ergonomically. Batteries will last up to 10 days on a full charge, and it again depends on the usage and the backlight brightness. If you need more than few months of battery life, suggest turning off the backlighting in the logi options software or reduce the brightness to save battery.

This mini MX keys will definitely save desk space and when paired with MX Master 3 it can switch and operate multiple computers on the same network seamless using the Logitech flow software.

Overall, if you are looking for a productive, compact (space saving), performance, comfortable, portable (easy to take anywhere you go), wireless, multi device connection keyboard without losing the full keyboard functions and have no need for dedicated number pad then this is the keyboard for you and won’t regret the purchase. 

4.Kentucky Wildcats Wireless USB Keyboard

5.Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard – Daydream

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In retrospect to the design of the manual typewriter, Logitech has designed the POP Keyboard! Appropriately named, it comes in three (3) different pleasant color waves and provides an interactive experience that blends a renaissance of the old with modern technology. It can be connected for use by either Bluetooth or with the USB receiver “Logi Bolt” included, and it works with a variety of devices — tablets, phones, computers, laptops, iPad. It uses two AAA batteries that will last 3 years, and because of its compact size is easy to take on the go.

It works with a variety of operating systems that include Windows 10 or later, mac OS 10.15, Chrome OS, and iPad OS 13.4 or later. It also works with Microsoft Surface. It can be paired to three (3) different devices at the same time and switched between each of them with the ‘Easy-Switch’ key. Use this great keyboard with your Windows based desktop, or take it along for use with your Apple iPad, or use it with your Android phone. It works with all types of devices and can be paired to up to three (3) different ones at the same time. But in addition to the fun colors that it is manufactured in, it also has a little emoji fun built in and has eight (8) swappable emoji keys which allows for personal individualization to comments while typing. There is a whole EMOJI menu to choose from. What a great gift this could be for that special person on your Christmas shopping list.

Typing is fun with keys that crackle and pop like an old manual typewriter. There are 12 FN shortcuts that help you snip the screen, trigger Voice-to-Text, and order a variety of different commands. The customization of the Logitech POP keyboard, the feel of the typing experience, the ability to add emojis to your text, all make this a fun and well-designed keyboard that after using for a while, I would definitely give a ‘thumbs up’ and recommend for purchase. 

6.Perixx PERIBOARD-613B – Mini Wireless Ergonomic Split Keyboard with Dual 2.4g and …

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The keyboard is perfect for the price. It’s so much more comfortable to use than a regular keyboard. The keys have a lot of travel and a bit of resistance at the top that gives it a clicky feel. It would be cool if it was backlight but I can’t complain for the price. 

7.X9 Performance Rechargeable 110-Key Slim Wireless RF Keyboard for PC

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Easy to work with and looks great. 

8.Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard (920008149)

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Fantastic keyboard – very easy to set up.
A few features I really appreciate:
– sturdy polymer support (the granite looking lining along the top) – it’s very soft to touch so won’t scratch devices, but weighty so the device won’t flip the keyboard up if its heavier. I use a 12.9″ ipad and it’s great. You could easily use a portable screen plugged into your phone and both would comfortably fit along it. The weight and that it is a full keyboard might make it unsuitable if you are stuck for bagspace or have weight limits for bags etc as it’s not as portable as smaller keyboards. It is ok if you are staying put to work rather than pick up and put down repeatedly.
– keys have a nice switch – feels a lot like typing on a Mac keyboard (but not the butterfly switch keyboard lol) though the plastic is a bit softer. Has a nice soft click. Keys are low profile. Very useable with a wrist rest as well.
– I’ve used this with a bluetooth adapter to my pc, to my ipad and to my iphone (both iOS 15) and there’s no lag when typing. There is a 2-3 second wait when swapping between device – not an issue if you plan on using just one device or swap devices infrequently. Might be a lag with older bluetooth or devices with low memory and issues with apps/programs competing for RAM.
– Very simple functionality – on/off switch, save favourite devices to F1-3, easily connect to other devices.
– Keys work with iOS, OS, Windows. Printed with windows and Mac labels at the CMD and ALT/windows keys. Has a delete button which is v v handy.
– Home button is super handy when using tablet/phone.
– love a number pad
– uses 2x AAA batteries so any rechargeables will easily suit for long term use. Battery life is a ? for now having only just bought the device but will be dependant on the batteries you use. 

9.fl Esports F12 65% Three-mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, 68 Keys RGB Bluetooth …

10.Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Yellow Switch

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I purchased this keyboard to replace the Logitech G613 (it was double keying the “1” key and a few other ones). I was looking for a replacement keyboard that has the following features:

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1) wireless
2) mechanical keys
3) clicky keys

This keyboard ticked all the boxes. And coming from a long list of Razer mouses (Diamondback, Mamba, Viper, Naga Pro and Basilisk Ultimate), I figured this is the next logical choice.

This keyboard has a good amount of connectivity options. USB-C, wireless 2.4ghz, and BT (connect to 3 devices, so very helpful in connecting to Amazon FireTV to do debugging, etc.). The battery also lasts a good amount of time (I charge it about every 2-3 days after it goes to below 50% with about 4-7 hours of usage per day).

The palm rest is made of plastic foam cushion, I found it to be quite comfortable, but I do wish it attached to the keyboard magnetically. It doesn’t slide around much, but would be nice if it can attach and detach easily from the keyboard.

From a productivity/work perspective, this keyboard is completely unreliable. I work in the finance industry, and use the numbers key regularly. The keys frequently double-types, which would be a HUGE mistake if I am typing in the wrong price or wrong amount for an order. I reflashed the keyboard and dongle to the latest firmware. The double-type continues to occur, in wireless 2.4ghz, BT, and USB-C.

I even did a replacement, and the keyboard is slightly better, but still has a few keys that double-types. I will be returning this keyboard.

Unfortunately, because of the constant double-typing, I did not bother to test the gaming aspects of this keyboard as I will be returning it.

Customer Support
This is by far the worst large peripheral manufacturing companies I have ever dealt with. When I contacted them, they were very hesitant on replacing the keyboard or do any troubleshooting other than the firmware flash. Granted, it’s still within the 30-day return period, so they recommended I return it to BestBuy for an exchange.

I would like to add my 2 cents on their product support on their items. I have a Basilisk Ultimate that I bought for 10 months from BestBuy, I lost the clutch key, when I contacted them, they make you jump through hoops (photos, videos, etc.) and then they come back and tell you that they don’t stock the item. It’s disappointing that a top gaming peripheral company doesn’t stock a 1 cent item to make their customers happy.

On another incidence, I have a Naga Pro I got last Christmas as a gift. It had Bluetooth connectivity issues, they refused to honor the warranty for a brand new product.

Overall, I really wanted to like this keyboard as I liked the overall design (I did not want a keyboard with dedicated macros on the left side of the keyboard as I sometimes miskey the keys when I reach for the “Ctrl, shift, cap and tab” on the left most side of the keyboard), but the double-typing was the dealbreaker for me. 

The Best 10 Wireless Keyboards List

Rank Product Price Rating
1 Mofii Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Typewriter Retro Round Keycaps Keyboard … $40.99 5
2 Logitech K780 Wireless Multi-Device Quiet Desktop Keyboard White $89.99 4.6
3 Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Yellow Switch $229.99 4.3
4 X9 Performance Slim RF Wireless Full Rechargeable 110 Key Keyboard $41.50 5
5 Logitech – K360 Full-Size Wireless Scissor Keyboard – Black $24.99 4.6
6 Chevrolet Bowtie Carbon Fiber Print Wireless Keyboard $58.99 5
7 Wireless Keyboard Microsoft 21Y-00054 White Wireless $58.99 4.5
8 Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Keyboard (Tactile/Graphite) $169.99 4.5
9 Multi-device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Full Size Ultra Slim Rechargeable … $19.99 5
10 Redragon K530 Draconic 60% Compact RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, 61 Keys TKL $69.99 4.4

Editor Pick’s 10 Wireless Keyboards

  • Wireless Keyboard Microsoft 21Y-00054 White Wireless
  • Redragon K503 Gaming Keyboard, RGB LED Backlit, Multimedia Keys, Silent USB …
  • Logitech K780 920-008149 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard – Bluetooth – Black
  • Logitech 920-009512 G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming …
  • Arteck 2.4g Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim for Black
  • Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard (Rose)
  • Matias Wireless Multi-Pairing Keyboard for Windows (Black) FK416PCBT
  • Microsoft – Bluetooth Keyboard – Black
  • Multi-device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Full Size Ultra Slim Rechargeable …
  • Razer Pro Type – Wireless Mechanical Productivity Keyboard

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