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Best 10 Xbox One Games Review

1.NBA 2K23 (Xbox One)

  • NBA 2K23 (Xbox One)

    NBA 2K23 (Xbox One)

    Reviews: 863 comment | From:Best Buy | Delivery:Product ID: 9260697370889407539


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If you ever have played NBA 2k on switch in previous years then you know what your getting here. Another solid basketball game on switch but some crafty developing to make it run pretty decently on switch. With the Jordan challenges added even to the switch version this is def a must buy it your into the most up to date NBA game. I will say this may be the first year that I can tell the switch is struggling to keep up however graphics wise. In order to make this game run they Severely downgrade the facial models of everybody when the camera is zoomed out from the courts so much so that the models look literally like from the psp era but when up close or cutscenes during free throws and replays the game graphics look super good and almost next gen. It’s not game breaking just a little immersion breaking and disappointing but they prob have to do this to get this full 2k experience running on a very old tech switch system. Overall the sound the gameplay and graphics overall are still very good and if a big NBA gamer this is still worth getting on switch for on the go! I’m giving it a 7.5 out of ten as your not getting the full next gen experience on switch no eras modes and online mp is last year’s cruise ship again no city. 

2.Madden NFL 23 – Xbox One

  • Madden NFL 23 - Xbox One

    Madden NFL 23 – Xbox One

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After years of bad games something felt like this year was going to be different… oh was I disappointed yet again. Somehow EA has put out the worst madden yet. I actually switched from next gen to current Gen due to how bad the gameplay was on next gen. However current gen isn’t much better. Between DDA and the pay to win mechanic of MUT madden as been ruined yet again. I wish with all my heart EA didn’t have the sole license to nfl games as madden is a travesty at this point. Franchise is yet again untouched, they care so little about superstar KO that it doesn’t even have the updated rosters of the regular H2H mode. It’s just sad this product is allowed to be put out like this and I wish I could get my money back. EA has officially lost another customer as it’s ruined the simulation football experience for me. 

3.FIFA 22 (Xbox One)

  • FIFA 22 (Xbox One)

    FIFA 22 (Xbox One)

    Reviews: 4217 comment | From:Newegg.com – GoldenCenturyDeals | Delivery: Free delivery – Product ID: 8983654229938465651


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Purposely held off with this review to give it a couple of weeks and to see what others thought of the game via Twitch. Definitely mixed reviews and thoughts on this game but did notice the same criticism being mentioned. I’ll start first with the few things I’m not a fan of and noticed most so far, both player and ball movement is utterly slow, defending is horrible at the best of times and there is little to no difference from swapping gameplay mode from normal to fast. Shots from inside the box are a surprise packet yet taking a blast or long shot seems to be the play so far for 22? also I’ll just add that just after half time the game does this slow glitch thing for about 5-10 seconds while in game, even after installing the game again. I must admit 22 has made it from what I believe a bit easier this time around to get headers from corner kicks and crosses coming in. Goal Keepers are a lot better than 21, it’s probably the only thing in the game that feels like they got movement right on. FIFA seems locked on this Volta thing but I guess for people that like it, it breaks the gameplay down a bit with new arcade modes added this time. I’ll finish this off by saying that I totally understand with every new Fifa we must adapt to the current changes each year and I still have a lot to learn about all aspects of the game. YouTube tutorials will be your friend for 22. 

4.Xbox One Series x Saints Row

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it is easier to discuss what is good about this game. The customization is really good for your character and vehicles, but that is where my praise for the PIECE OF GARBAGE game ends. This game opens with your character being buried alive and that is the mystery you are thinking of as you build your criminal empire, and let me tell you the reason and the “big twist” is beyond stupid. I could not write something worse if I tried. its so dumb, so inconceivably stupid you cant help but laugh or you will just cry at how you have so obviously wasted your money on this game. The characters here are so beyond bland they have one mission each dedicated to what this game assures me is character development and the founding members of your gang still boil down to the following: Refuses to wear a shirt, is a nerd, has a nice mustache, and is a girl. Even your character is so horribly developed that at the end of the game it suddenly expects you to accept your character has insecurities and regrets about the events of the game despite never even hinting to this in the slightest. I could not care about any of these characters in the slightest. The writing is so bad I swear I was watching a sitcom. Laugh tracks belong in this game, thats how bad the dialogue is written. The combat is as bland as bland can be, every fight feels the same and your character just screams the same one liners over and over again. Finally we come to the bugs, and BOY ARE THERE A LOT OF THEM. This is the buggiest mess of a video game I have ever played in my life, if you want this game for its co-op mode, just dont. buy another game. nearly every mission would break so badly we would have to close the game and restart both the game and the mission. I had to screen share in my co-op partner during the finale because the game was so buggy we were forced to restart. characters dont show up in cutscenes (the last cutscene for me had the bad guy I was killing simply not there, so I shot at nothing then watched the sunset) you randomly take tons of damage because you open your car door too fast and lose half your health, enemies spawn in walls, underground, sometimes not at all blocking any progression, and the whole thing loads like a ps2 game. Even on a PS5 this game took forever to load. In conclusion…buy something else. 

5.LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga – Xbox One

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After waiting for weeks for a Deluxe Edition restock, I caved in and bought the standard edition just so I wouldn’t miss out on the Steelbook as well. (Before eny of you megamind say “butt muhh preorderr”, I just got the PS5, I didn’t even know if I ever could, so excuse me for not wanting to spend $100+ on a slim possibility) The regular plastic case was wrapped in plastic and the steelbook was taped to the plastic wrap with the most ungodly pieces of double-sided tape I have ever had the displeasure of laying eyes on. It brought off tiny patches of paint with it and my fingers are on fire. I cant wait to play the game but I will be avoiding Best Buy whenever I can after seeing how horribly they handled this exclusive rollout. How hard could it be to plastic wrap them together? Or both if them separately? Steelbook is the reason I chose it over the digital copy from the PS Store and now it has tiny spots with no color that will bug me for the rest of eternity. I would recommend anyone who doesn’t desperately want the steelbook to just buy it online. I’m severely upset with this product. 

6.Xbox One Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

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Honestly the bestgame of this current generation of consoles. I shared the same opinion with some of the reviews here; portraying their difficulties with the tuning of vehicles and lack of understanding control of their vehicles. Put this game down and revisited it maybe ~1 year later and enjoyed the game so much to the point where this is the game I play most of the time. the visuals in this game are OUT OF THIS world for a game made in 2015. The rain and the environment, apart from the destruction and almost invincibility to your cars, is something that absolutely mesmerizes me. I sometimes like to think of myself inside the game, playing the character and owning all of these incredible cars which in real life, I most definitely cannot afford. I bought and downloaded NFS Payback and NFS Heat and finished those games, but I have not finished NFS 2015 solely because I want to have something to go back to. This game has pushed me through my worst moments and I’m forever grateful that a game like this came out. Thank you for making such as this. 

7.Square Enix Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition – Xbox One

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I played PS4 version. Waited almost a decade for Square ENIX to get out of its development hell stage to complete this game but I’m so glad they somewhat finished it. A part of me felt a sense of loss when this project changed drastically but I’m very grateful that they involved their fan base along with the changes that FFXV went with. Some of the changes were obviously because of fear of PR issues, and kind of weird with the in-game sponsorship but the story of brotherhood and the protaganist’s journey was such a ride, I’d join this road trip again with the characters. Very happy they still kept some traditional elements like the chocobos birds but a bit annoying with the amount of DLCs they made afterwards. As the game industry was changing and the technology to accompany the typical FF graphics, I can see that FFXV took too much money out of the company so they had to rake in the revenue somehow. Definitely one of the most legendary titles in the company’s legacy, and a bit concerning that I spend most of my life watching the business/Game expo presentations on this title, but what a ride it’s been. Please consider playing if you wanted to try a Final Fantasy game or just learn what it takes to launch a product like a game into a crazy demanding but dedicated market. 

8.Psychonauts 2 : Motherlobe Edition – Xbox One

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Really good game. One of my current favorites of all time, and definitely my favorite game of 2021. The game is great and I’m glad it’s finally available as a physical disc. Only real criticism of the physical version is the tape used on the slip cover tore off some bits on the front and back. It leaves parts of it looking scuffed but otherwise looks great. If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend it, and this version is perfect for collectors. 

9.5 Random Xbox One Games

10.PGA Tour 2K23 – Xbox Series X/Xbox One

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I find it hard to really get into a game and yet this game has me hooked. I’ve always loved Tiger games and i was still playing pga tour 21 waiting for this game to come out and its a great improvement. Much more difficult. You can change your players archetype then improve through club fitting of the club head, shaft, and grip. Also you have to earn abilities to apply. In a sense its kind of like Madden where when you play good then your swing time will become more forgiving as you become dialed in. This should sum it up. After my friend came over and played me. He called around looking for a playstation 5. Went and bought one and pga 2023 then the playstation network pass so we can play each other from home. After alot of disappointment from alot of different games ive bought i started thinking maybe ive grown out of gaming but i can finally sit down and get immersed in a game. 

The Best 10 Xbox One Games List

Rank Product Price Rating
1 Lot Xbox One Games (read Description) – Electronics | Color: Green $342.00 5
2 Sonic Frontiers – Xbox Series X/Xbox One $39.99 4.8
3 Ride 2 – Xbox One (Square Enix), Pre-Owned – GameStop $9.99 5
4 Among US – Ejected Edition – Xbox One, Xbox Series X $54.49 4.7
5 ReCore – Xbox One $3.60 4.3
6 It Takes Two – Xbox One $20.00 4.9
7 Car Mechanic Simulator – Xbox One $43.69 4.6
8 The Walking Dead The Final Season Xbox One $29.00 4.6
9 FarCry: Primal [Xbox One Game] $10.00 4.7
10 Hogwarts Legacy – Xbox One $59.99 4.5

Editor Pick’s 10 Xbox One Games

  • Ride 2 – Xbox One (Square Enix), Pre-Owned – GameStop
  • Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising – Xbox Series x
  • Human: Fall Flat Anniversary Edition – Xbox One
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising – Xbox One
  • Borderlands The Handsome Collection – Xbox One
  • Bendy and The Ink Machine – Xbox One
  • Call of Duty – Black Ops III – Xbox One
  • It Takes Two – Xbox One
  • PGA Tour 2K23 – Xbox Series X/Xbox One
  • Kingdom Hearts III – Xbox One

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Question:What games can you play on Xbox 1?


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