10 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Everyone (2022 Best Sellers)

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Best 10 Nintendo Switch Games Review

1.Daemon X Machina – Nintendo Switch

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This game is fun,short but fun. The customization is there for those who like building OP mechs & blowing stuff up and looking cool while doing it. The graphics are an anime style cell shaded look alot like zelda BOTW. The boss battles are astounding,fully scaled giant mechs. Great story once you play long enough. I bought this myself & I have zero regrets. Dont be fooled by the short story as the online mode is amazing to give that replay value with 4 players on the servers & co-op (4 players in person) can play through the entire story much like marvel ultimate alliance 3’s co-op letting you play the entire story with others. Great game for those who love customization & action

2.Nintendo Switch Fortnite: Anime Legends

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I personally got this pack for Ricochet Rox and I love the skin and design. I would recommend this pack if you are into anime skins and/or have $20 to spend on it.

3.Mario Strikers: Battle League – Nintendo Switch

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As a longtime fan of the series who has been waiting for a new installment for many years, it pains me to have to give this game anything other than a glowing review. Unfortunately, there is barely any content, and the content that is present is lackluster. As expected, there is no story mode, but this is a party game so that’s understandable. The only options are quick match, cup battles, online play, and a team-based online mode. While the original game on GameCube has 4 difficulty settings, this game only has 2: braindead and ridiculous. The normal AI doesn’t even try, so every game ends in a 10-0 victory at minimum. The galactic difficulty is so blatantly unfair that it isn’t even worth playing. The AI reads inputs, and if you’re winning then the game conveniently gives your opponents a few quick lazy goals to keep them in the game and ultimately give them an undeserved win. Victories feel like you’re winning in spite of the game rather than because you actually earned the win. This is the only content in the game with any sort of progression (beating cups to earn trophies and coins to buy gear), and it isn’t fun in the slightest. As a result, I can’t recommend the game to any solo player for its current price tag of $60. With all that being said, playing the game with friends is pretty fun, and the gameplay mechanics are very faithful to past installments which is a huge plus. I do still recommend the game, but ONLY if you’re going to play local or online co-op with friends. Other than that, stay away.

4.Super Mario Party – Nintendo Switch

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Emphasis on joy-con focused. Look at the cover! You will need a single joy-con for every player and be prepared to use it because the wrist strap is recommended and for myriad good reasons. You are encouraged to move a decent bit and thriving in the variety of game modes and mini games is going to stimulate and demand mastering a bunch of the potential the little joy-con offers. If you want technical button input mini games Super Mario Party doesn’t offer much. Consider the similarly named Mario Party Superstars which supports all controller types and offers zero motion mini games to my recollection. Something else to consider is that since joy-cons are easier to travel with than fuller controllers. You can easily equip four players if you game while traveling and if you’re getting the digital version (2.8GB v1.1.0) it may always be on your Switch for easy access. This game wholeheartedly satisfies utilizing a single joy-con per player in a Mario Party game verse. Several game modes to master, online gameplay has been smooth and un-irritating, tons and tons of motion action in a surprising evolution to Mario Party that isn’t too far detached from its roots.

5.Just Dance 2021 (Nintendo Switch)

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I have been buying just dance for years now. My favourite system to play them on is Xbox for the Kinect. I find the switch controllers are not as accurate. If your just doing it for fun or to work out it’s not a big deal but if your going for high scores as it feels a bit off. For the newest 3 games I have it on the switch. I bought a arm/ wrist holder for the controller as I have a disability so I can’t hold the controller in one hand, love this device. Even my friends who can hold it prefer the device. If u have a switch I think getting the device for this game is a great addition. The other thing I don’t like as much for the 2 new games are the ranking systems. I preferred the number rank over the moving up rooms. I also miss the video sharing! I do like of the look of the in game world dance though with your score on the side. I’m a huge fan of the add kpop to the games the last couple of years! It was a great addition. I mean if there was a kpop only just dance I’d buy that in an instance. Other then the few things that I would like changed or didn’t like, I really like this game and will continue to support the just dance games. Its great with friends and just to get a good work out or just for people who enjoy dancing. I like in the 2022 how some of the new songs got some cool graphics update!

6.Among US – Nintendo Switch (Digital)

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I had a gift card and noticed this game was the same price.. I have heard that the game can be more fun with people you know, as well as use voice chat. I have only played this game with random people online, and I found it to be very simple but fun. The little activities in the game are a bit mindless but the main goal is to sneak around anyways. Without having other friends to play with, it didn’t keep my attention for long. I heard that there was a big update that brought more features to make it more interesting. A cheap party game for certain occasions.

7.Animal Crossing New Horizons – Nintendo Switch – German

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One of the best games ever played. Hands down. I’ve been in love with the AC games ever since the Game Cube released the first game. The concept although a little odd, a human living amongst Animals who can communicate with, build lasting friendships and turn the town into a blossoming place for all to inhabit. But it truly is so fun, and immersive. Anyone who has played it will have their own favourite villagers who hold a special place in your heart. And for me that definitely remained. To say I was beyond ecstatic at the release of New Horizons is a serious understatement. The graphics were crystal clear, controls extremely user friendly for all ages to quickly pick up on- even for the most novice gamer. At first I felt like a huge chunk of the nostalgia had been removed, as it was slightly tedious, but once setup it all flooded back. I definitely feel like this was done to introduce new gamers into the franchise, and certainly nicely done. Word of warning, this game is ADDICTING. The features are endless, creating and island paradise and turning it into a full on habitat- in real time!!! Seasons change correlating to whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere (you can choose the opposite should you wish!) time and date will follow too! The flexibility in what you’re able to do is truly open world. Placing houses where you like, knocking down and rebuilding landscape, paths, trees, flowers- it’s all at your fingertips. Whilst there are standard game features such as shopping, fishing, bug catching- it never feels boring. Shopping becomes addictive, as the Shops are never short of new clothes, accessories, furniture and all sorts of items needed to create your perfect living environment. The characters really do make you feel like the friendships are real. Dialogue is a bit limited after some time and repetitive amongst villagers with the same personality type- but for me this doesn’t put me off. The regular updates have always coincided with previous games, which was lovely to see. Events always going on, so nothing falls short of entertainment. The introduction of Happy Home Designer which was a separately released game back on the 3DS console is sooo amazing to have- but I will review this separately. I am no longer embarrassed to play this game as a guilty please, as I did with the previous games. It’s loved by everyone now!!

8.Very Very Valet – Nintendo Switch

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Very fun game! If you like games like over cooked then you just might enjoy this! Easy to pick up and play and just have a fun time gaming by yourself of with 3 other friends.

9.Jump Force Deluxe Edition – Nintendo Switch

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I’ve been playing this game since it came out and I think most of the harsh criticism this game receives is undeserved. The combo system isn’t deep but when you factor in the heavy and light hits can be performed in the air, after a side step, during a character switch, or charged up for a guard break it becomes more dynamic than some people suggest. The visuals are wonderfully animated and are always adapted straight from the source material. The attention to detail in the character builds is spot-on. For example, the character Marshall D. Teach takes elemental damage from every type of elemental attack. I found this pretty annoying at first until I got to the episode in One Piece (which I started watching again because of this game) where he and Ace are fighting and he says that the darkness which composes his body draws everything in like a black hole and because of that he feels pain more intensely than other people. They translated that into the game by having him take extra damage and I really appreciate the developers’ depth of knowledge on these shows. I was a huge fan of the Budokai Tenkaiichi series so maybe it’s because I’m more familiar with SpikeChunsoft’s over-the-shoulder arena fighters but I’m willing to forgive the design flaws and appreciate the battle system that allows us to pit some of our favorite shounen heroes against one another. Even if the fighting system was as shallow as others suggested I’d give it a high ranking based on the fanservice alone. Keeps my attention by trying to increase my rank, collecting event items, and chatting with some buddies I made in the clan system. I will say the cutscenes are lacking, but I guess I’m old enough that these silent clips where you read the text at the bottom remind me of old days playing RPGs in the PSX era. Probably my favorite game of the year

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10.Nintendo Switch FIFA 22

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The gameplay is simply not good. I play online seasons only. I can’t imagine how many updates it will take to fix the garbage that makes me rage quit every time I play. There are times when facing Messi or Neymar that they can just wiggle wiggle wiggle through your defense and you can’t even switch to the correct defender in time to do anything. The R stick switching is consistently inaccurate. When I ping a ball across the pitch to switch the play, no matter the player, they will chest it down and take ages to settle the ball. By the time the ball is under control and ready to dribble, the defenders have recovered and I’ve lost my numbers advantage. Makes it so easy to overload ball side and trap the opponent. R1+O passed are always too low, might as well be double tap passes. Can’t even clear the head of a midget. They’ll just intercept it and automatically direct it towards their goal with perfect weight and the counter is on. When defending a corner kick, there’s always one player that’s standing around the halfway line to start a counter. That player is consistently the wrong option. When using Chelsea, why would I want Jorginho there? He’s slow! When using Bayern, why put Gnabry there when I have Coman and Sane on the pitch? And I can’t control this. If I play a formation like 4-2-3-1 and instruct my striker to always stay forward, I don’t want to see him coming back to the box to defend. I need him forward as an outlet, but he just doesn’t listen, even Lewandowski and Ronaldo. If I set a formation with a winger and am attacking through the middle, that winger will just not get involved. They stay wide on their touchline and just watch me get swarmed by defenders without providing any useful outlet or attacking runs. If I’m driving the ball up the middle with my CAM, I don’t need the striker to drop back as a false nine. That’s useless. He should be making himself a target, but instead drops behind the ball and doesn’t go in the box at all PSG are playing awfully in real life, but their live form doesn’t indicate that. And everybody just uses PSG because of it. No gameplay variety. This will be the last fifa I buy for a few years at least

The Best 10 Nintendo Switch Games List

Rank Product Price Rating
1 Nintendo Switch Sports Game $44.99 4.4
2 Nintendo Switch Air Conflicts Collection $29.99 1
3 Five Nights at Freddy’s – Help Wanted (Nintendo Switch) $24.98 4.6
4 Very Very Valet – Nintendo Switch $29.99 4.6
5 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo Switch $59.99 4.9
6 Nintendo Switch Five Nights at Freddy’s: Core Collection $39.99 4.7
7 Super Mario 3D All-Stars – Nintendo Switch $58.95 4.7
8 Dreamworks Dragons: Legends of The Nine Realms – Nintendo Switch $39.99 5
9 Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Nintendo Switch $59.99 4.8
10 Nintendo Switch Shin Megami Tensei V Premium Edition $80.00 4.8

Editor Pick’s 10 Nintendo Switch Games

  • Just Dance 2021 (Nintendo Switch)
  • RiME – USED (Nintendo Switch)
  • Very Very Valet – Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
  • Daemon X Machina – Nintendo Switch
  • Pokemon Shield (Nintendo Switch)
  • Nintendo Switch Resident Evil Triple Pack
  • Madison: Possessed Edition – Nintendo Switch
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster – Switch Game
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans – Nintendo Switch

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